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Anyone who likes to be beaten on the way home, and for those who have always happily handed their pocket money to the next school examiner, my self-defense coach is exactly the right thing to do.
My self-defense coach - Kloppen vor TV

According to my own statements, the game "My self-defense coach" helps the player thereby the necessary self-determination to win to meet possible danger situations accordingly. It also offers ways and means of protecting oneself from various forms of physical violence.

With the help of an experienced trainer, the player is trained in the four basic techniques of self defense (endurance, technique, self control and reflexes) and gradually trained. Thanks to introductory videos, the player's agility and fitness are also enhanced by workouts.

It remains, however, to be doubted whether the player's determination can only be trained and prepared in his own four walls, in order to be able to react in such a dangerous and daring manner. All the already barbbeige figures reading this text, I recommend, rather to grab "Bibi Blocksberg's adventure on the Hexenfelsen". For all others, "My self-defense coach" certainly offers good work-outs and training possibilities. For those who prefer more action in games, I can recommend playing Mobile Strike. In the end, the spoken word is the best weapon and at the same time the best protection.



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